About Us

Metaphor Creators is a multi-disciplinary Architectural & Interior Design practice where design is a way of life. 

We at Metaphor Creators believe in evoking emotions through design and keeping the Function, Aesthetics, Maintenance and Sustainability aspects as guiding parameters throughout the process. 

We have commissioned projects in different parts of the country and our design very subtly yet firmly roots the development in the context. 

Metaphor Creators specializes in Hospitality, Recreational, Institutional & Residential Projects.

Neeti Thakur

Principal Architect 

[B. Arch & M. Arch]

Sunny Thakur

Principal Architect 

[D. Arch, B. Arch & M. Arch]

Our Team

Mohd. Salman

Senior Associate [BID]

Palak Jain

Senior Architect [B. Arch, M. Arch]

Manan Goel

Architect [B. Arch]

Rushali Shrivastava

Architect [B. Arch]

Divyanshi Sharma

Architect [B. Arch]

Shagun Mandhyani

Interior Designer [BID]

Abhay Kumar

Architect [B. Arch]

Anoop Ramani 

Civil Engineer [B.E. Civil, C.E., M.I.E, F.I.V]

Manoj Nag

Site Engineer

Shahid Saifi

Site Engineer

Surendra Bora

Site Engineer [B.Tech - Civil]